Life Members

Life Membership

Life membership is bestowed upon those who have rendered outstanding service to the Lower Great Southern Hockey Association.


The LGSHA was created in 1990 when the Lower Great Southern Mens Hockey Association and the Albany Womens Hockey Association merged.

Life Members

Lower Great Southern Hockey Association

2003 Mr Ron Hodgson

2015 Mr John Palfrey

2015 Mrs Susan Heberle

2019 Mrs Lorraine Benson

2019 Mr Doug Coles

Albany Womens Hockey Association

Mrs Alice Rule
1976 Mrs Ethel Norman
Mrs Celia Barnesby
Mrs Dot Robinson
Mrs Val Mair

Albany Mens Hockey Association

1949 Mr N Whiteford
1957 Mr D Wilson

Lower Great Southern Mens Hockey Association

1960 Mr John Wright
1962 Mr Harold J Smith
1963 Mr Roy Verran
1966 Mr John Bunker
1979 Mrs June Hodgson
1980 Mr Max Paget
1981 Mr David Bird
1982 Mr Bruce Gouldthorp
1984 Mr B G Parsons
1985 Mr Anthony J Woods
1987 Mr Rod Connell
1987 Mr Ron Heberle

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