Lower Great Southern Hockey Association


Outdoor Hockey

Team fees for the 2018 Outdoor Season, as set at a Meeting of the LGSHA on 12 February 2018 are as follows:

Seniors   $2,400.00 per team
7/8s to 11/12s $800.00 per team
5/6s   $650.00 per team
3/4s   $350.00 per team

These fees are paid by the relevant club, team or school.  Individual player fees are set by the club or team in question.

Player Insurance

Compulsory player insurance for each nominated team is invoiced to the club, team or school at the same time as their fees. Player insurance costs is included in the above nomination fees.

Seniors $250.00 per team
7/8s to 11/12s $150.00 per team
5/6s $120.00 per team
3/4s $80.00 per team

Teams or clubs who have their own player insurance may be exempt from the requirement to be party to the compulsory group player insurance provided by the LGSHA.

Turf entrance and training fees are not included in the team fee.

Junior and Senior Carnival Fees

Players will meet the full nomination fee when representing the Association in a LGSHA team at carnivals (eg Bunbury, Club Championships and Country Week).  A uniform fee will apply as follows:

Seniors - $10.00 per player

Juniors - $5.00 per player.



Please refer to the City of Albany website and the 2017/18 Schedule of Fees & Charges for up to date fees and charges relating to indoor and outdoor hockey.



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