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South West Junior Hockey Championships (Bunbury Carnival) Team List

16/05/2017 08:07 PM | Show PDF File

The LGSHA will be sending 7 teams away to the Bunbury Carnival on the June long weekend. Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected in LGSHA teams.

Thank you to all of the coaches and selectors who assisted with this process. Some opportunities may arise for players who were not selected when the Club Championships and Narrogin carnival teams are nominated.

Trainings continue this week at the times listed with your team. Be prepared to train on turf and grass. Your manager will have more details about the carnival at the next training. Best of luck to all coaches, managers and players. For queries please contact the Hockey Development Officer, Dinah Gordon, at do@lgshockey.asn.au


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CBH Group Country Womens Championships 2017

15/05/2017 09:10 PM |

Congratulations to the following players from the LGSHA who are going to play in Perth in June. Teams as follows:

Coach -Tracey Menegola
Manager- Tania Hathaway

Carina Cronje 
Cionne Fage
Beck Gallimore
Claire Gonzales
Annie Judd
Julia Keymer
Georgina Lilford
Sophie McDonald
Renae Parsons
Elsa Piggott
Georgie Powis
Emma Pyle
Courtney Robinson
Ruby Tompkins
Reserve - Alice Lydiate
- Gemma Pyle

Coach- TBA
Manager- TBA

Laura Archer
Charlotte Edwards
Nekesha Fish
Lani Frusher
Caitlin Growden
Elise Hawkins
Clem Lilford
Hennie Lilford
Alice Lydiate
Mikayla Penn 
Aeneva Poulish
Charlotte Powis
Gemma Pyle
Erin Trotter 
Kylie Tschabotar

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Umpire Roster for 2017 Season - UPDATED

04/05/2017 10:08 PM | Show PDF File

Umpires for grades as follows:

A grade - panel umpires

B grade - A grade and B grade

U18s - A grade

9/10s - gap year panel

7/8s - U18 teams

5/6s - junior panel and some A and B grade

3/4s - 9/10 teams (with supervision)


Thanks to Glenn Keymer, Umpire Coordinator for his work to date.

Any queries on the roster please contact Glenn on glenn2705keymer@gmail.com


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Trials for Bunbury and Perth Championships - Junior Players

03/05/2017 04:36 PM |

Trial Information for LGSHA representative teams for the Bunbury Carnival and the Perth Club Championships.

Carnival Dates


 Saturday June 3rd to Monday June 5th 2017 for 5/6, 7/8 and 9/10 grades


Club Championships in Perth

9/10 Girls             Monday July 3rd to Wednesday July 5th (first week of school holidays)

9/10 Boys            Wednesday July 5th to Friday July 7th (first week of school holidays)

7/8 Girls               Monday July 10th to Wednesday July 12th (second week of school holidays)

7/8 Boys               Wednesday July 12th to Friday July 14th (second week of school holidays)


If there is interest from teams, including 5/6’s, they may attend the Narrogin Carnival on Saturday July 15th and Sunday July 16th.

Trials for teams will take place on Sunday 7 May and Sunday 14 May 2017 at the Albany turf at the following times;

5/6 Boys and Girls            8.00am to 9.15am

7/8 Boys and Girls            9.30am to 10.45am

9/10 Boys and Girls          11.00am to 12.15pm

Players need to register in the club rooms prior to their trial time. There is a one off cost of $5 to register. Players should be dressed accordingly with shin pads and mouth guard. Players must attend trials to be considered.

It is preferred that players make themselves available for both carnivals. If a player only wants to attend the Perth carnivals they must attend these trials. There will be no further trials after the Bunbury Carnival.

Please see the LGSHA Selection Policy for more information.  It can be found on the website.

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Goalkeeping Clinic

04/04/2017 05:15 PM | Show PDF File

See attached flyer

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Calendar of Events

Great Southern Carnival 2017

Date: 08/07/2017 05:34 PM

Mark your calendars everyone! This year the GS Carnival is to be held in Albany and hosted by the LGSHA. Check our Facebook page regularly for details.


HWA Calendar of Events 2017

Date: 01/04/2017 05:32 PM

Contact: |


UGSHA Level 1 Coaching Course

Date: 25/03/2017 09:00 AM

Saturday 25 March 2017 at Narrogin Hockey Turf

Contact: | Show Brochure |

Umpiring Updates And Rosters


22/05/2015 03:29 PM

Contact: Denise Trotter | Show PDF File

Please download the attached PDF file for the approve umpire panel, contact numbers and recommended fees.
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Playing without Goalkeepers

05/05/2015 02:07 PM

Contact: | Show PDF File

The LGSHA rules regarding Goal Keepers (or player with goal keeping privileges) is aligned with Hockey WA (Junior League and Provisional & Metropolitan League Rules).

The FIH Rule that allows teams to play without a goalkeeper does not apply to any Hockey WA Competition.

Junior Grades (MP, UP, LHS & U18)


Each team must play with a goalkeeper with goalkeeping privileges wearing full protective equipment comprised of at least protective headgear (full goalkeeping helmet, not just a mask), leg guards and kickers and a different coloured shirt

Senior Grades (MA, WA, MB, WB)


Each team must play with either:

  • a goalkeeper with goalkeeping privileges wearing full protective equipment comprised of at least protective headgear (full goalkeeping helmet, not just a mask), leg guards and kickers and a different coloured shirt; or
  • a goalkeeper with goalkeeping privileges wearing only protective headgear (full goalkeeping helmet, not just a mask) and a different coloured shirt.


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Stuff That Happens At The Wrong Time!!

05/05/2015 02:04 PM


1. Umpire blows the whistle for PC and the ball ends up in the goal

We’ve all been in this situation haven’t we!! You are about to crack the dream goal of the century but the umpire calls PC for the little foot off the defender.....OR .... the ball did end up in the goal immediately after the whistle went.

The right decision?? = No Goal: The PC must be played. Yes... correct use of “advantage” would have resulted in the goal but as an umpire you have to admit your mistake and play the PC. Umpires need to manage this situation by being calm, apologetic and clearly communicate why the PC has to stand 

2. Goals or PC just before siren (or was it actually after??)

What happens when the siren/time goes just before the umpire would have made a decision?? (Basically something happens and the umpire hasn’t had a chance to get the whistle to the mouth to blow the whistle.)

FIH’s guidance is that the umpire is permitted to make that decision immediately after the end of the half or match. Examples include;

  1. A PC, PS (stroke) or even a personal penalty (eg green/yellow card) can be awarded for an offence that occurs immediately before the siren goes
  2. A goal can be awarded provided the BALL has crossed the line BEFORE the siren
  3. A goal cannot be awarded if the ball has been struck by an attacker and is “in transit” but has not crossed the line when the siren goes.
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